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The corona virus is still around us and we all know how we can be impacted by the virus. This inspired me to make this new sculpture 'DELICATE CONNECTIVITY'.

I especially choose 'Alabaster' because it reflects clearly the imperfections and fractures. Which symbolises our vulnerability.

To protect ourselves, we must keep distance. The 'see-through' emphasises the distant contact we have ... behind a window, a computer screen, working from home .... Making it possible to have a limited contact, but only giving us a partial impression of what the other person really experiences.

When light strikes the Alabaster sculpture, it lighthens up and gives us resilience and hope. It stimulates our creativity to adapt to our new environment. 

Delicate Connectivity 0 Square_700
Delicate Connectivity 1 Square_700
Delicate Connectivity 2 Square_700


Alabaster - Spain